Company Routing Preferences


Company Routing Preferences

Here's how to set up (or change) the preferences and defaults related to the various company-wide routing functions in the system.

1. Left-click on Company and a drop-down menu will appear.

2. Left-click on Company Preferences.

3. This will display the Company Preferences window.

4. Left-click the routing prefs tab tab


Each of your tanks should be assigned to a route to expedite scheduling. If you wish, you can use this preference to choose a "default" route. What this means is that if you do not specify a route for a given tank, this default will be used. To choose the route to be used as the default, left-click the down arrow down arrow and a drop-down list of all of your routes will appear . . .

Left-click on the one you want to use as your "default". In this example, a "Default Route number 99" will be the default. By the way, if the route you want to use as a default does NOT appear, go to the Add a Route procedure first to add it and then come back here to set the preference.


Left-click one of the radio buttons to choose whether or not you want the maps to show on the accounts and route windows.


Use MapPoint?

If you've purchased a copy of MapPoint this is where you would integrate it with Lynx.


Calculate Delivery Info

If you would like Lynx to calculate the return dates and efficiency for tanks, select "Yes".


Use Multiple DD Day Areas?

If you serve a large area of customers, it may be wise to set up more than one degree day area. Selecting "Yes" allows you to do so, when selecting yes you'll also have to chose a default degree day area as shown below. This will be the degree day area all new tanks are set to until changed.

Default DD Area


Order customer tanks by location number?

If you would like Lynx to order customer tanks by their location number, select "yes".

Tanks sorted by location number


Use Average temp instead of dd?

If you would like Lynx to just use the average temperature (65°) instead of Degree Days for calculations, select "Yes".