Change an Appliance

Here's how to change the information about an appliance.


From the Lynx Main Menu . . .

1. Left-click on Service.

2. A drop down menu will appear

3. Left-click on Add, Change, Delete Appliances.

4. This will display the Appliances window.

Left-click the and buttons to make sure the appliance to be changed is in the system.


5. If the appliance is in the system, make sure it's showing and then left-click the button.

6. If you want to change the name, left-click the cursor in the text box and key in the new appliance name.

7. If you want to change the description, tab to the text box and key in the new description.

8. If you want to change the usage type, constant usage per day, or heating usage per degree day enter that information in these text boxes:


9. If you want to change the appliance picture, left-click the button.

10. Left-click the new bitmap image you want to use with this appliance and left-click the button to insert the new image in the appliance file in place of the old one.

11. When you're done, left-click the close button to return to the Lynx Main Menu.