Add a Vendor

Here's how to add an Accounts Payable vendor to the system.


From the Lynx Main Menu . . .

1. Left-click on Bookkeeping.

2. A drop down menu will appear

3. Left-click on Accounts Payable.

4. Left-click on Add a Vendor.

5. This will display the Add, Change, Delete Vendors window. The next available Vendor # will be automatically entered.

6. Key in the Company Name and then to the other fields and key in the appropriate information.

7. When you're done, left-click the button.

8. This will display this window:


9. If everything's OK, left-click the button. To cancel adding this new vendor, left-click the button.

10. When you're all done (if you left-clicked "Yes"), the vendor window for the new Vendor you just added will be displayed.