Keep Full vs. Will Call

After you have added a tank to a customers account, one of the things you need to do is to specify whether this tank will be handled as a "Keep Full" or a "Will Call".

Keep Fulls are those tanks where you (not the customer) takes the responsibility for scheduling deliveries and keeping it full.

Will Calls, on the other hand. are those tanks where the customer calls you they need a delivery.

Obviously, it is to your advantage to have as many of your customers on "Keep Full" as possible. This allows you to better control your delivery schedules thereby minimizing your costs. If you have a high percent of "Will Calls", you lose this control and inevitably incur higher costs.


1. Selecting whether a tank is Will Call or Keep Full is done by going to the customers account, selecting the tank involved from the tab, and then left-clicking the button. Then, from the "Keep Full or Will Call" drop-down list, select either Keep Full or Will Call.  

2. If you do not select one of these, the system will default to whichever one you specify in the Routing Preferences. See Setting Up Your Routing Preferences for help on this.

3. The system will calculate return delivery dates for Will Call customers even though you are not going to deliver until they call you. In this way, you will see when they're running low and have the option of alerting them if they have over-looked contacting you. You can be a hero by keeping them from an out-of-fuel situation and maybe convince them to become a Keep Full customer.