Print Delivery Graphs

Here's how to generate graphs about your deliveries. The graphs will be "previewed" on the screen first and can then be printed.


From the Lynx Main Menu . . .

1. On the Menu Bar, left-click on Reports or left-click the button.

2. Either way, a drop-down menu will appear.

3. Left-click on Delivery Graphs.

There's also a third way to print delivery graphs. On the Menu Bar, left-click on Delivery and then left-click on Delivery Graphs.


4. This will display the Delivery Graphs window.

5. Choose the graph you want.

6. Left-click the button.

7. Choose the graph options you want.

8. Left-click the button to preview the graph on your screen.

9. Left-click the print button to print the graph . . . or

10. Left-click the button when you're done.