Load Your Map Data

Color maps are included within the Lynx system to graphically show you a picture of where your customers tanks are located as well as your routes.

Columbus Systems will provide you with this Map Data down to the street level for the entire United States. From this, you can select which states you want to include in your particular system for your market area. There is no additional cost to you for these maps.

Since this map information is very large (approximately 600 megabytes), it will be distributed to you by mail on a CD . . . distributing it to you on-line would take literally days.

Here's how to load this Map Data onto your system.

When you receive the CD containing the Map Data from Columbus Systems, do the following for each computer in your system . . .

1. Make sure that Lynx is not running on the computer you're loading the Map Data onto.

2. Place the Map Data CD in the CD drive.

3. The CD will automatically begin loading and this window will appear:

4. Select the state(s) you want to install from the left hand window:

5. Left-click the button for each state selected.

6. After you've selected all of the states you want to load, left-click the button.

7. When you're done loading the Map Data on each computer, bring Lynx back up.  

8. Then go to Company Preferences and select "Yes" for . Do this for each computer in your system that you loaded the Map Data onto.

See Set Up Company Preferences (Company Routing) for help on this.