How to Use the Numeric Keypad

You can significantly speed up your data entry by using the ten key pad instead of using the number keys across the top of your keyboard. If you're unsure how to use the numeric keypad, here's how:

Press the   key to activate the ten key pad, this is usually confirmed with a small LED light green led light turning on above the numeric keypad. If you noticed pressing turned that light off, you deactivated the numeric keypad.

Press the key to move from field to field in a grid.

Press the key to move from field to field when not in a grid.

Press the key to go the next transaction.

All other ten key pad keys operate normally.

This technique allows for one-handed operation. Flip the documents with your left hand and do all the keying with your right hand . . . you will find that this is much faster.


Here's an example of how this works . . .

First of all, make sure the Num Lock light (directly above the keypad) is lit. If it is NOT, press the key.

1. Let's say you want to want to enter some delivery tickets into a new batch.

2. Start by using the Add a Delivery Batch procedure.

3. This will get you to the Enter Deliveries window.

4. Key in the batch information as appropriate:

5. Left-click on the tab which will display the Invoice Detail window.

6. Press the key and then key in the new invoice number.

7. Press the key which will display the Find a Customer window.

8. Key in the account number and press the key.

9. Either way, the cursor will be positioned in the box where you will key in the gallons. If the default product ID displayed is the one you want to use, simply press the key. The system will automatically inset the price, description, extend the total, and apply any taxes appropriate to this transaction. Following this, the cursor will be positioned in the Invoice # box. Press the key and you're ready to enter the next ticket.

10. When you're done entering all of the invoices for this batch, print the batch report by selecting Print Batch Report from the button drop-down list. Then left-click the close button to return to the Lynx Main Menu