Change the Location of a Lynx Help Window

Lynx Help topics are displayed in a window normally located on the right half of your screen. If you like, you can change the location of this window.

From any screen in Lynx . . .

1. Left-click the word Help on the Menu Bar.

2. A drop-down menu will appear.

3. Left-click the words Lynx Help.  

4. Left-click the words Integrated Help.

5. This will display the window. 

6. Move the cursor to the Title Bar across the top of the window (this is the area where it says "Help Topics: Lynx Propane Software Help System").

7. Hold the left-click button down and (while holding it down) move the mouse. This will simultaneously relocate the window.

8. Release the left-click button when the window is located where you want it.

9. When you're done, left-click the close button to return to Lynx.