Print Delivery Reports

Here's how to generate reports about your deliveries. The reports will be "previewed" on the screen first and can then be printed.   

From the Lynx Main Menu . . .

1. You can either left-click the button. Or, from the menu bar, left-click on Reports.

2. Either way, a drop-down menu will appear.  

3. Left-click on Delivery Reports

There's also a third way to print delivery reports. On the Menu Bar, left-click on Delivery and then left-click on Delivery Reports.


4. The Choose a Delivery Report window will now be displayed. As you left-click on each Report ID or Report Name, the description of that report will be shown in the box above.

5. Double-left-click the report you want (or left-click the report and then left-click the button).

6.This will display the Format a Delivery Report window. If appropriate, select how you want your report sorted by left-clicking the down arrow and then left-clicking your selection from the drop-down list. For example:

This message will not appear if there are no choices on how a report can be sorted.


7. If you want the report to include a selected range of a particular type of data, left-click the appropriate check box  next to the data type name. Then key in the range of data to and by double-left-clicking on the appropriate field. This is called "filtering" the data.  If you don't filter the data, ALL of that data type will print. 

Here's an example . . . If you want your report to include all of your customers in route number 6 only, you would check (by left-clicking if it's not already checked) the check box next to Route Number and then keying in the range of routes you want included.  
It would look like this . . .
If you do NOT want a Data type filtered in the report and it is checked , left-click on it to make sure it is NOT checked . . . so it looks like this .
If a check box is NOT checked , that data will NOT be filtered to format the report. That is, in the above example, if Route Number is NOT checked, then ALL of your routes will be included in the report.
With some reports, you can have multiple Data types checked for a single report.  For example, you might want a  selected range of routes BUT ONLY to include those with tanks that are company owned.


8. Once you've made your selections, left-click the button to preview the report on your screen.

9. After your report has appeared on the Print Preview window, you can left-click the print button to print the report or left-click the button to exit.

When you first start using the system, it's a good idea to practice choosing and formatting different kinds of reports. This will help you get the "feel" for how you can format your own reports by selecting ranges of data in different combinations.