Backup the System

It's VERY IMPORTANT that you back up your data on the system EVERY DAY. This way, if there is a problem you only have to go back to the previous day's backup copy. This minimizes the amount of work that has to be redone to get going again.

The recommended hardware backup media is a USB flash drive. A re-writeable CD will also work although Columbus Systems may not be able to help you if you need to restore your data because of operational idiosyncrasies with this type of system.  

Lynx will automatically prompt you to do a backup anytime you exit the system if you have selected "Yes" in the Auto Backup box in Company Preferences.

Regardless of the media you use, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you set up one for each day of the week. In other words, if you're using a USB flash drive, set up five separate drives, one labeled "Monday", one labeled "Tuesday", etc. Then, use the one corresponding to the day of the week each time you do a backup. In this way you will have five generations of data to recover from in case there's a problem.  

Conversely, DO NOT use just one backup media and keep backing up over it every day because this gives you no room for error in case you need to recover your data.  


Setting up the system to do backups:

From the Lynx Main Menu . . .

1. Left-click on Company and a drop-down menu will appear..

2. Left-click on Backup.

3. You now have four different backup options:

4. Left-clicking will display the Backup window.

5. Check to make sure that the path name in the text box is correct. It should be pointing at the device (such as your USB drive) and the name for your backup file (which will be a zip file).

Contact Columbus Systems at 360 / 943-4165 for help on setting up the path name used for your back ups.


6. If the path name is correct and you want to backup now, left-click the button. This is a good way to see if your data is being correctly backed up.

The options should NOT be checked. They are designed for very special purposes and should never be checked without contacting Columbus Systems first.


Backing up your data:

Whenever you want to exit from the Lynx system, left-click the close button and this window will be displayed (if you have Auto Backup selected as "Yes" in Company Preferences):

You now have three choices:

1. If you left-click the button, the system will immediately backup your data using the path name you specified in 5 above and exit the system.

Note: Be sure to load the appropriate backup media (like a USB flash drive) that corresponds to the day of the week prior to doing this. 

2. If you left-click the button, then no backup will occur and you will immediately exit the system.

3.  If you left-click the button, no backup will occur and you will not exit the system.


Restoring your data:

If you need to restore your data from a backup file, see Restore from Backup or call Columbus Systems at 360-943-4165 for assistance.