How to Order Accounts Payable Checks

If you're using the Accounts Payable part of the Lynx system, you'll need to order a supply of checks (and probably the matching envelopes as well).

There are innumerable check formats available, but the Lynx system has been specifically designed to use a very popular format supplied by NEBS. 

By the way, this check is designed for use with a laser (or ink jet) printer, not a continuous form impact printer. 


To order, call NEBS at 1-800-866-3797 and order the following:

  1. Checks: Product Code 9209T "Laser Multipurpose Checks"
  2. Companion envelopes: Product Code 9379 "Du-O-Vue Envelope"

Specify the colors, type style, and quantity you want when ordering.

Note: You should also specify whether you want "reverse numbering" on the checks or not. What this means is whether you want the blank checks to come to you in reverse check number order (that is, the highest number on top). The reason for doing this is that some laser/ink jet printers feed from the bottom of the stack, not the top. If this is the case with the printer you will be using, specify "reverse numbering". Otherwise, you will have to hand-sort the checks to get them in the proper sequence.