Enter Payments

When payments are received, they can be added to an existing payment batch (provided it's still "open") or to a new batch.  These payments can apply to either a "balance forward" or to an "open item" account and can be either full payments or partial payments. 


Here's how it's done.

1. If you want to enter payments to an EXISTING batch, start by finding the batch.  This can be done in two different ways:

  1. Find an Payment Batch by Batch Number
  2. Find an Payment Batch by Invoice Number

2. If you want to enter payments to a NEW batch use the Add a Payment Batch procedure.

3. In either case, you will be at the Enter Payments window.

4. Make sure the "Employee responsible for this Batch" is selected from the drop-down list and that all of the dates are correct.

5. Left-click on the tab which will display the Enter Payments window with an image of a blue "check" on the screen. Left-click the button.

6. Enter the check number and press the key.

7. The system will now display the Find a Customer window. If you have the "Find a Customer" default set to "Account #" (which is recommended), you can now key in the customer account number and press the key.

Note: You can also double-left-click on the account to be entered OR left-click the account and then left-click the OK button. Either of these will do the same thing. The problem is that both of these approaches mean taking your hand off the keypad to use the mouse and are therefore not nearly as fast as using the "Account #" to find the account.

8. Key in the payment amount and press the key.

9. If this is a Balance Forward type account, the payment will simply be applied against the account balance owed. You can now press the key and go directly to step above to enter the next payment.

10. If this is an Open Item type account, go to Enter Payments to Open Item Accounts for help.