Add a Vendor Bill Payment Batch

Here's how to add a new batch of Accounts Payable vendor payments. This is typically used if you want to enter vendor bills and immediately pay them (as opposed to entering them earlier in a Vendor Bill batch).


From the Lynx Main Menu . . .

1. Left-click on Bookkeeping and a drop down menu will appear.

2. Left-click on Accounts Payable.

3. Left-click on Add a Vendor Bill Payment Batch.

4. This will display the Enter Payments to Vendors window. The new batch number will be displayed in blue in the lower right part of the window. Make sure all of the information on this window is correct:


Note: This date MUST be a date within the Period selected unless you have this turned off in Invoicing Preferences. However, it is strongly suggested that you leave Date Error Checking turned ON.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that these dates and selections are accurate. Once you start entering transactions into this batch, you will not be able to go back and change them. Review the help on How the System Handles Bookkeeping Dates to be sure you understand how these dates work.

5. If you want to enter payments to this batch at this time, left-click on the tab and the Enter Payments to Vendors window will be displayed.

6. Key in the check number and press the key. The system will now display the Find a Vendor window. If you have the Select "Find a Vendor" Default ( in Accounts Payable Preferences) set to "Vendor #" you can now key in the Vendor ID and press the key.

Note: You can also double-left-click on the Vendor to be entered or left-click the Vendor and then left-click the OK button. Either of these will do the same thing.  

7. The information about the Vendor you selected will be entered by the system and the cursor will be positioned in the box.

8. Key in the dollar amount of the vendor bill and press the key. When you've completed entering this Vendor bill, press the key and return to step 7 above to enter the next one

9. When you're done entering all of the Vendor bills for this batch, left-click the button and then from the drop-down list do the following:

10. When you're all done, left-click the close button to return to the Lynx Main Menu