How to Write Checks

There are four different places in the Lynx system where you can print checks. Which one you use depends on the circumstances and the reason why you are writing the check.


The four different ways to write checks are:

1. Accounts Payable . . . If you are using the Accounts Payable module, this is undoubtedly where the majority of your checks will be written.  This category typically includes all of the payments you make to your vendors and suppliers. See Overview of Accounts Payable for details on this.

2. Quick Check Writer . . . This is a quick and handy way to write a single check against a single expense account. See Quick Check Writer for details on this.

3. Journal Entries . . . If the check involves multiple General Ledger account entries (like a payment against a loan for instance), this is a quick way to write the check. See Print a Journal Entry Check for details on this.

4. Refunds . . . These are checks that you write where a customer has a refund coming and you want to pay them rather than just crediting the account. See How to Handle Refunds for details on this.