Period-end Billing: Print Statements

This is the sixth step in the Period-end Billing procedure. This is where you tell the system if you want the Recovery Hardcopy report (which is actually an Aging Analysis report) to print or not, the date to appear on the statements, the type of paper forms the statements will be printed on, and then actually begin the printing process.

Note: You can also choose the new Default Period here (if you wish) since the Period-end Billing process is typically the last thing you will be doing for the current month.


From the Lynx Main Menu . . .

1. Left-click on Bookkeeping and a drop down menu will appear.

2. Left-click on Accounts Receivable and then left-click on Period-end Billing to display the Period-end Billing window.

3. Left-click on the tab to display the Print window and then do the following:

4. Go to  1. Print Recovery Hardcopy . . . Left-click the button if you want to print an Aging Analysis report showing the status of each account as a result of this months billing. This report can serve as a hardcopy backup in case of a catastrophic problem where the computer data is lost. Printing this report is optional, but it's probably not a bad idea and is highly recommended.

5. Go to 2. Choose the Statement Type You Want to Use . . . The system will automatically display the statement type you used last month. If you don't want to use this type this month, left-click the down arrow to display a drop-down list of options. Left-click the one you want to use.

If you're using the Plain Paper statement, you will want to have envelopes that correspond to this format. The best fit is a # 10 double window style. There are many variations, prices, and vendors for this product so check out a sample before ordering.


6. Go to  3. Choose the New Default Period . . . Since Period-end Billing is typically the last thing you do in a month, this is a good time to set the new Default Period. Left-click the down arrow to display a drop-down list of periods and then left-click the new period.

7. Go to 4. Print Statements . . . Left-click the button to begin printing your statements.

8. When you're done, you can left-click the button to return to the Prepare Statements process or left-click the button to return to the Lynx Main Menu.