Delete a Propane Safety Check (PSC)

Once you've read through the Overview of Propane Safety Checks, and have Added a Propane Safety Check. . . Here's how to delete an existing propane safety check, this process begins by finding the customer account containing the PSC you're looking for.


To find the customer, use one of the following methods: Methods of Finding a Customer

1. Regardless of how you get to the account, the detail account screen for that customer will be displayed.

2. Left-click the Tanks Tab tab located near the top of the window.

3. This will display the Tank(s) Tab window which offers more tabs located near the middle of the window.

4. Left-click the Safety Check Tab tab located near the center of the window.

5. This will display the Propane Safety Check Tab window which offers even more tabs further down the window.

There is another area in Lynx where you can add, change, or delete Propane Safety Check information in a window all to itself. Here's how to get there from Step 3 above:

1. Left-click the Change Button button.

2. This will display the Tank Change window with the Location Info Tab tab selected.

3. Left-click the Safety Check tab.

4. You now have access to all of the same safety check information in it's own window. This allows you to resize the window as you see fit.

  • For a visual aid showing the different tab locations and where to resize the window click here.


6. Left-click the safety check you want to delete from the propane safety check records.

Note: You can determine which record you have selected by looking for the yellow arrow to the left of your selection.

7. Left-click on the located above the propane safety check records.

8. This confirmation window will pop up:


9. Left-click to delete the record, or left-click to do keep the record.

10. When you're finished, left-click the close button to return to the Lynx Main Menu.