How to Change a Pre-buy Contract

If you've already visited How to Handle Pre-buys then you know pre-buys are situations where the customer pays for propane ahead of time, typically in anticipation of future price increases.

There may be times when you need to alter a pre-buy contract, whether it be to change the price, adjust the pre-buy end date, or even add a tag.


Here's how to change an existing pre-buy contract. This process begins with finding the account belonging to the customer with the pre-buy.

To find the customer use one of the following methods: Methods of Finding a Customer

From the customer's account screen . . .

1. Left-click on the tab. This will display the Pre-buy tab screen for the account.

2. Select the pre-buy you would like to change by left-clicking it. To verify you have the correct record selected check the yellow arrow yellow arrow that points to current record to the left, it will be pointed at the currently selected record.

3. With the pre-buy you would like to change selected, left-click the change button button.

4. This will bring up the Add, Change, Delete Pre-buys screen for this contract.

5. Key in any changes you would like to make.


Changing either "gallons contracted" or the "pre-buy deposit" is not recommended as these two values are agreed upon before the contract starts.

Changing the gallons contracted would require recalculating the customer's pre-buy deposit (Gallons Contracted x Prebuy Price x Tax) and charging the difference. While trying to change the pre-buy deposit will prompt this warning message.

In these situations it's almost always better to start an additional pre-buy contract for the customer.



6. When you're finished, left-click the save button and then left-click the x to return to the Pre-buy tab screen for the account.