Overview of Prospects


Overview of Prospects

In Lynx, prospects are your potential customers. You can create accounts for them just like a regular customer, enter their information, and when the time comes Lynx can turn the prospect into a customer account.

For help on adding a prospect, see Add Prospect.

Once you have a prospect account you are able to attach notes, reminders, and even associated people just like a normal account.

For help on attaching notes, reminders, or associated people to a prospect, see Prospect Notes and Reminders.


Lynx makes the process of turning a prospect into a customer account very simple, here's how:

From the prospect account. . .

1. Left-click the Options button button.

2. Left-click Make this prospect into an account.

3. Lynx starts the add a customer process using the information you've already entered for the prospect.

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The prospect account will still remain in the system, however it will be set to inactive.
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