Hold a Price Until a Date

As prices change, Lynx will automatically use the new prices as soon as they are entered into the system.
However, there may be times when you've given a quote to a customer and want to hold that quoted price until some date in the future (even though the price may have changed in the meantime for everyone else).


Here's how to do it.

1. Find the account with the tank you want to hold the price for by using one of the following:

Account Number

Bill To Last Name

Company Name

Bill To Street Number

Bill To Street Name

Phone Number

Serial Number

Delivery Street Number

Delivery Street Name

People Associated with an Account


2. Regardless of how you get to the account, the detail account screen for that customer will be displayed.

3. Left-click the tab.

4. This will display the tanks screen for that account.

5. Make sure the tank displayed is the one you want.  If it's not, left-click the and/or the buttons until you find it.

6. Key in the price you want to hold in the text box.

7. Select a date to hold the price until from the drop-down calendar. Like this:

8. When you're done, left-click the button to return to the Lynx Main Menu.

9. From this point forward until you reach the Hold Price Until date, whenever you enter a delivery or print a delivery ticket for this tank , this price will automatically appear (of course, you can override it at invoice time, if you wish).