Custom Rental Prices

Sometimes you want to have a "custom" rental price for an individual tank. Perhaps it's a special customer situation or an employee. One way you can do this is to set up special tank rent products for each of these situations.

However, here's a quicker and easier way to do this.

1. Find the account with the tank that has the rent you want to give special pricing to by using one of the following:

Account Number

Bill To Last Name

Company Name

Bill To Street Number

Bill To Street Name

Phone Number

Serial Number

Delivery Street Number

Delivery Street Name

People Associated with an Account


2. Regardless of how you get to the account, the detail account screen for that customer will be displayed.

3. Left-click the tab located near the top of the window.

4. Left-click the tab located near the bottom of the window.

5. Left-click the button which will display the the Setup Tank Information window.

6. Left-click the tab.

7. Position the cursor in the text box and key in the amount of the rent you want to charge on this tank.

This custom price will apply only to this tank on this account and will replace the "normal" rental product price when rental charges are calculated.


8. When you're done, left-click the button to return to the account window with the TANK(S) tab active.