Add a Warning Message

You can add a "Warning Message" to any customer that will pop up whenever you begin to enter a ticket and/or an invoice for that account. This is a handy way to alert you to some special situation regarding this account.

ExampleIf the Customer is C.O.D you could enter a note to this effect in the Warning Message text box so that you can make sure that a payment for the delivery accompanied the ticket. 


1. Find the account you want to set a warning message for by using one of the following:

Account Number

Bill To Last Name

Company Name

Bill To Street Number

Bill To Street Name

Phone Number

Serial Number

Delivery Street Number

Delivery Street Name

People Associated with an Account


2. Regardless of how you get to the account, the detail account screen for that customer will be displayed.

3. Left-click on the  tab.

4. Left-click the button.

5. Left-click the tab.

6. This will display the Account Preferences window.

7. In the bottom right hand corner are the Warning Message preferences: 



8. Left-click the "Yes" radio button for whichever type you'd like to show.

9. Enter the message you want to apply to this customer, such as:


10. After doing this, whenever a ticket or invoice is entered for this account, the message will pop up, like this: