Set Up Tank Tags 

Tank "tags" provide you with a means of identifying and categorizing your tanks based on criteria of your own choosing. For instance, you may want to keep track of tanks with missing lids or no gauge. Tags can be used to do this sort of thing. There are three tags available per tank.

Using tags is typically a two step process: One is to decide on the type of tags you want to use and assign them to the appropriate tanks. The second step is to use the filters in the Tank Reports to select the tagged tanks and print a report.

For example, let's say you want to identify all of your tanks without lids. You decide to use Tank Tag 1 to do this by entering a "1" for those that do not have a lid. Then, to get a report of tanks needing lids, run a tank report filtering on those tanks with a "1" in the associated Tank Tag 1.

This process begins by finding the account containing the tank you're looking for.


STEP ONE . . . Find and tag the appropriate tanks

1. Find the account with the tank you want to add a tag to by using one of the following:

Account Number

Bill To Last Name

Company Name

Bill To Street Number

Bill To Street Name

Phone Number

Serial Number

Delivery Street Number

Delivery Street Name

People Associated with an Account


2. Regardless of how you get to the account, the detail account screen for that customer will be displayed.

3. Left-click the tab.

4. Left-click the button.

5. This will display the Setup Tank Information window.

6. Enter the tag you want in either the or or text box.


STEP TWO . . . Print a report of the tagged tanks

From the Lynx Main Menu . . .

1. On the Menu Bar, left-click on Reports or left-click the button.

2. Either way, a drop-down menu will appear.

3. Left-click on Tank and Equipment Reports.

There's also a third way to print service graphs. On the Menu Bar, left-click on Tanks and then left-click on Tank and Equipment Reports.


4. The Choose a Tank Report window will now be displayed. As you left-click on each Report ID or Report Name, the description of that report will be shown in the box above.

5. Double-left-click the report you want (or left-click the report and then left-click the button).

6. This will display the Format a Tank Report window.

7. Left-click the appropriate check box next to the Tag Tag you want to filter on.

8. Then key in the Tank Tag value (a "1" in the above example) in BOTH the and fields.

9. Once you've done this, left-click the button to preview the report on your screen.

10. After your report has appeared on the Print Preview window, you can left-click the print button to print the report or left-click the button to exit.