Overview of Setting Up Your Company

Your Lynx software will come to you "ready to go". However, one of the first things you will want to do is enter the information about your company and your employees. You will also want to add your company logo so that it appears on the Lynx Main Menu. In addition, you will want to set your company "preferences" and you may want to set up system security (to restrict access to your system by unauthorized users).

You can do this using any or all of the following functions:

Set Up Company Preferences

Add Company Information

Change Company Information

Find an Employee

Add an Employee

Change Employee Information

Load Your Company Logo 

Set Up System Security

Backup the System

Exit the System

Note: You may also want to record information in the system about the equipment your company owns, such as your bobtails, boom trucks, meters, service vehicles, etc. This is done in the "Tanks" section of Lynx.