How to Handle Service Orders

Service Orders are used to record, schedule and eventually bill customers for service work. Typically, this involves things like setting tanks and making repairs and usually involves both parts and labor charges.

Here's how to handle Service Orders.

1. When a request for service is received, enter it into the system:

2. Print the service order. See Print a Service Order for help on this. The printed order can then be given to the serviceman or held until ready to be filled. Several formats are available and are selected when you Set Up Invoicing Preferences.

3. If the service changes or is canceled before the work is done, update the system accordingly. See Change a Service Order or Delete a Service Order for help on this.

4. At any time, you can view all open service orders on-line under "Service" from the Main Menu. See View Service Schedule for help on this.

5. After the service work is completed, the next step is to bill the customer. To do this, go to an existing service batch (see Find a Service Batch by Batch Number for help on this) or create a new service batch (see Add a Service Batch for help on this).

6. In either case, from the button, select "Show Service Order List". Check the Service Order(s) that you want to create an invoice for.

7. Double check the invoice detail to make sure it's correct and then print the invoice.

8. When a Service Order is selected for invoicing, it will be removed from the "Show Service Order List".  It will also be removed from the "View Service Orders" and "Add, Change, Delete Service Orders" functions.