Overview of Service Functions

The "Service" functions can be accessed in two different ways from the Lynx Main Menu.

One way is to  left-click on the Service button shown above.

The other way is to left-click on the word Service on the Menu Bar.

Either way, a drop-down menu will appear that shows you the Service-related functions. Simply left-click on the one you want and the system will take you there.  


The Service section of the system gives you the tools to enter, change, review, and print Service Orders. After the service work is actually completed, these Service Orders become input to Invoicing.

This section also gives you a place to enter, change and delete Appliance records. These can then be assigned to individual tanks to help with more precisely anticipate demand and thereby improve your routing.


Specifically, the following Service functions are available to you:

How to Handle Service Orders

How to Handle Assembly Products

Find a Service Order by Batch Number

Find a Service Invoice by Invoice Number

Add a Service Order

Change a Service Order

Delete a Service Order

View Service Schedule

Print a Service Order

Print All Service Orders

How Appliances are Maintained in the System

Find an Appliance

Add an Appliance

Change an Appliance

Delete an Appliance

Overview of Propane Safety Checks

Add a Propane Safety Check

Change a Propane Safety Check

Delete a Propane Safety Check

Print Service Reports

FAQ's About Service Functions