Overview of Delivery Functions

  The "Delivery" functions can be accessed in two different ways from the Lynx Main Menu.

  One way is to left-click on the Routing button.

  The other way is to left-click on the word Delivery on the Menu Bar.  

Either way, a drop-down menu will appear that shows you the Delivery-related functions.  Simply left-click on the one you want and the system will take you there.


Some of the Delivery functions include finding, adding, changing, and deleting routes, finding stop information, viewing a map of a stop location, showing aging of the stops on a route, updating degree day information, setting up default prices, and printing various delivery reports.

Most importantly, however, are the procedures for identifying tanks due for delivery and preparing the delivery lists and/or tickets.


Specifically, the following Delivery functions are available to you:

Overview of Routing

Overview of Routing Methods

Borrow Another Tanks History

Set Up Routing Preferences

Identify Tanks Due for Delivery

How to Handle Customer Call-ins for Fuel

Find a Route

Add a Route

Change a Route

Delete a Route

Print a Route Card for a Tank

View a Map of a Route

View a Map of All Tanks

Assign a Tank Location to a Map

Change the Location of a Tank on a Route

Find a Stop

Assign a Stop Number

Change a Stop Number

Add a Delivery Address

Change a Delivery Address

View a Map of a Stop Location

Assign a Default Product

Change a Default Product

Change Routing Method for a Stop

View Deliveries for a Stop

Generate Tickets for the Selected Stops

Order Lynx Truck Tickets

Print a List of Selected Stops

Print Route Reports

View Aging of Stops

Update Degree Day Information

Print Delivery Reports

Print Delivery Graphs

FAQ's About Delivery Functions